About The Artist

Hegumen Arsenie Jovanovic, born in 1960 in Belgrade, as Aleksandar Aca Jovanović, is a dentist by education. The well-known monk Arsenie, travelling the world and giving lectures on Orthodox Christianity and his life before he dedicated it to the church, has also written a well-received book „God and Rock’n’Roll“.

In the eighties, Aleksandar Jovanović was a keyboard player in his own rock band, hanging out with Milan Mladenović, Ivica Vidović, Bojan Pečar and the talented Margita – Magi from „EKV“, as well as with the painter Dušan Gerzić Gera and Sonja Savić, the legendary actress.

The monk Arsenie stayed at Hilandar, then at Ostrog, Dečani, then another five years in a cell near Albania.