610 FILM, is a theater and film production company located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY. Our mission, which began in 2015, is to capture moments of creativity that are expressed in unique ways, by focusing the documentation of various art forms and artists. We value the flow of inspiring ideas and challenging stories that reflect the truthfulness of artists. Our team is an international group of creative people, either accomplished or emerging, who develop their unique visions spontaneously and passionately by collaborating on a diverse range of projects, from short films, art documentaries, experimental plays, and feature films. By connecting with various art communities, we have achieved films such as Adam Fuss, A Landscape of Imagination, which won two awards at the Hollywood New Directors Film Festival in 2018; and Laura Kaplan, Love is All that Matters, which was also awarded for its exemplary production and its promotion of the art of documentary in general at the 2017 New Balkan Film Festival. The upcoming projects of 2019 include Saint Clair Cemin, Psyche and Father Arsenie.